OD Ø 24mm petit moteur BLDC

BL2430 B2430M 24mm diamètre rotor interne moteur à courant continu sans balais BLDC

No. d'article: BL2430 B2430M
 Taille: Ø24.0 * 30.0mm
 Intégré pilote
 impulsion PWM large plage de vitesses
 rotation dans le sens horaire / anti-horaire
 FG signal de rétroaction de vitesse
 faible CEM
 Faible bruit
 Longue vie: 20000hrs Min.
Remarque: Les données contenues dans cette fiche type de spécification sont d\'autres certains clients. Tension, couple nominal, vitesse, fonction actuelle, la puissance et l\'extension arbre et dimension peuvent être personnalisés pour répondre aux exigences spécifiques des clients.
BL2430 B2430M 24mm diameter inner rotor BLDC brushless dc motor

Size: Ø24.0* 30.0mm
Built-in driver
PWM pulse wide speed range
Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation
FG speed feedback signal
Low noise
Long life: 20000hrs Min.
Over-current protection
Over-voltage protection
Under-voltage protection
OEM and ODM orders are welcome
The design can be customized


Personal care, home application, industry apparatus, business equipment, and medical apparatus
Samples can be sent on your request.

Images of BL2430 B2430M 24mm BLDC motor



BL2430 Output Power: 1W~8W Weight: 51g (Approx.)

Brushless DC Motor-Typical Application

Home Application: White Goods, Small Appliance, Fanner, Electric Curtain

Medical Apparatus: Medical Pump, Blood Pressure Meter, Surgery Tools, Medical   Stirrer, centrifugal


Industry Equipment: Electric Valve, Portable Screwdriver, Air Pump, Water Pump,  Vacuum Pump

Business Equipment: Printer, Copier, Projector, Scanner, Cash Register

Personal Care: Hair Dryer, Electric Shaver, Massager

Model Voltage(V) No Load Rated Load Stall
Operating Range Rated Speed (rpm) Current (A) Torque (mNm) Speed (rpm) Current (A) Output P. (W) Torque (mNm) Current (A)
BL2430-S01 5~12 6 5380 0.23 3.92 4720 0.61 1.94 13.2 1.5
BL2430-S02 5~12 9 5390 0.11 9.81 3750 0.71 3.85 23.2 1.5
BL2430-S03 8~26 12 8010 0.17 9.32 6150 0.74 6.01 23.5 1.5
BL2430-S04 8~26 24 4570 0.05 6.87 3510 0.18 2.53 29.59 0.64
Characteristic: CW & CCW, Signal function available, Locked rotor protection, Stepless speed regulation, Low noise, Low EMI, Long life 3000-15000hrs

Notice: Data in this typical specification sheet are for other certain customers. Voltage, rated torque, speed, current, power and shaft extension feature & dimension can be changed to meet customer specific requirement.

Outline Drawing:  Usable machine screw length 2.0mm max. from motor mounting surface     Unit: Millimeter


Performance Curve:

BL2430-S02                        12V BL2430-S04                           24V


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